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For Procurement/Buyer Sign up IMPORTANT: You will receive an email for verifications and just need to click the URL. 2. Post Request For Quotation (RFQ/RFP) 3. To check receive Quotations For Supplier/Seller To get RFQ list and submit quotations 2. Subscribe newsletter


15 Reason why should you using :- For Procurement/Organization/Buyer Get multiple choices of quotations, suppliers and details Save cost because of healthy competition among suppliers offers Higher value for offer within budget Speed up procurement process Less hassle compared to manual searching Opting not to reveal contacts to avoid telemarketing or spam To avoid… Continue reading Why

What is is built for providing a simplest platform for procurement or buyer to reach a potential supplier or seller. Normally the marketplace out there is more towards seller to advertise. What happens to the procurement or the real buyer want to purchase but has very limited resources to get the right supplier It is win-win… Continue reading What is

What is Request for quotation (RFQ)?

RFQ or Request For Quotation is a procedure for any organizations before any procurement process began. Most of the organizations in Malaysia require at least 3 quotations to be present in the management meeting before the decision to be awarded to the right supplier. Procurement department will play his/her duty to reach the right supplier who can fulfil… Continue reading What is Request for quotation (RFQ)?