What is requestforquotation.my?

Requestforquotation.my is built for providing a simplest platform for procurement or buyer to reach a potential supplier or seller. Normally the marketplace out there is more towards seller to advertise. What happens to the procurement or the real buyer want to purchase but has very limited resources to get the right supplier

It is win-win situation where procurement or the buyer can get multiple choice of supplier or seller. While supplier and seller have healthy competition among them doesn’t matter they already established or even a newcomer.

For procurement or buyer side, from the multiple choices they have, it is an option for them to get the best value offered by the suppliers. Which means, it help them to minimize the cost of the item or services they wanted. For procurement, it is the best practice of any business or organizations to minimize the cost and increase the profit margin. While for the buyer or individual, it can save some cost and increase the value of the item or service they acquired.

For supplier or seller side, it is a long term healthy competition with open opportunity for them. It doesn’t matter you are established or even new, you have the right opportunity to provide the best value to your customers. Economically, it is beneficial to everybody and less monopolize by certain suppliers.

The other side, organization or business will have a less cronyism issue and getting the right low cost for business profitability.

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