How to use

For Procurement/Buyer

  1. Sign up
You need to sign up/register in order to post new RFQ. By Click buyer button on main page
If you are new and not yet sign up, press Sign up button to Sign up
You need to enter your name or company name, Email and Password before you press submit.

IMPORTANT: You will receive an email for verifications and just need to click the URL.

After verification, you can use your email and password to login. If you find difficulties to login/or not sure the password, you can press Forgot password to reset your credential.

2. Post Request For Quotation (RFQ/RFP)

After login successful. You will see your dashboard on you posted RFQ statistic. To start posting your RFQ, press Post RFQ.
Use this from and fill up completely requirement on the RFQ so your Supplier/Seller can provide full information you need. Once done, press Submit to post and no verification required. * Dateline is the last you should receive the quotations and details.

3. To check receive Quotations

Each RFQ has shortcut statistic on the hand side. Dateline, quantity of RFQ viewed and Quantity quotation submitted. Simply press the title to see the quotation received.
You can see general info such as price quoted, email and phone number. For more details, you can download the quotations for the complete information.
In this page also allow you to edit the RFQ if you required to do that. Edit also can hide your RFQ from public by change the date to the date before today.

For Supplier/Seller

  1. To get RFQ list and submit quotations
On the main page, simply press Seller.
You will see all the active RFQ and you also can filter it based on title, category and locations. To select the RFQ, simply clink on the RFQ title.
You will see the details of RFQ, dateline, location and category. To submit, just fill up name or company name, email address, phone number, standard price and upload PDF quotations and other documents together (Combine it). Once done, the RFQ owner will be notify via email on your submissions.

2. Subscribe newsletter

There is a features for you to subscribe any new RFQ posted published.
Simply select the category you want to participate, enter your name or company name and your email. After submit, you need to check your email for one time verifications.

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